“We chose to support Todd Hazelwood as we felt his characteristics closely aligned with our brand – youth, vitality, excitement, breakthrough thinking, highly engaged, winning is the goal etc.

We are very pleased to say that our investment has been a great success in delivering the goals we hoped to achieve. While meeting the soft goals we had of increasing brand awareness nationally, linking an exciting sport with our products and engaging our staff, additional hard measurable outcomes more than validating our investment included;

• Todd visited our premises and produced social media content that increased our engagement and marketing to potential customers
• A sales promotion directed to Todd’s database generated the best ever sales result from a targeted co-operative promotion
• Increased our customer data base and social media followings

Todd Hazelwood has personally ensured that more than the agreed deliverables have been supplied, be that regular updates, hosting guests at our premises to motivational talks with our team and all in a year of massive disruption.”

Upon meeting Todd, I was struck by his determination to succeed, his fantastic work ethic, focus and passion for the sport. Despite his age, he is an ‘old head on young shoulders’ and has a level of maturity well beyond his years. Whether it is his own personal development as a race driver, or how he conducts himself with sponsors or fans, Todd approaches everything he does in a focused, friendly, energetic and confident manner, and has forged many long lasting relationships in the Motorsport industry with his personality.

From an engineers perspective Todd is studious, and puts as much effort into his own driving as he does to develop the car. Feedback is a strong attribute that he possesses, alongside his natural speed and driving skills. He has a great mix of raw speed and sensible decision making in races, which is why he won the most pole positions in the 2017 Development Series, and ultimately why he was able to string together a season of great results to win the Championship.

I have been lucky to work with a number of drivers from all over the world, and from this perspective, Todd is world class, and I have no doubt that he will have a long and successful career in the sport due to the outstanding attributes that I listed above.”

I think everyone in the sport acknowledges the incredible commitment Todd Hazelwood makes to his chosen profession. Few work as hard as he does in the quest to be a professional racing driver.

Todd knows how to deliver results on track but importantly he goes the extra mile for sponsors, outside the car, to ensure they get maximum value from their investment.
For someone so young he demonstrates maturity well beyond his years and a boundless sense of enthusiasm.” 

“Todd was an obvious partnership choice for us as we continue to grow our Brand Ambassador program within global Motorsport. Working with Todd is a straightforward, fluid, and natural collaborative process. The outcome is a highly successful and engaging partnership that promotes UNIT’s Brand identity at the highest level.

Todd’s ability to understand the brand’s unique value proposition and collaborate with our broader team to engage our valued #unitfamily across all channels is first class, we couldn’t be more proud to have Todd as our trusted partner.”